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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Rap News - Latest Headlines:

Bring the noise: m-Qube to help move new Public Enemy disc
Mass High Tech | 5 minutes ago

Boston-based m-Qube, a developer of mobile content
distribution technologies, has partnered with one of the founding
groups of modern hip-hop music to deliver exclusive mobile platform
content worldwide.

Stars 'just say no' to homophobia
Gayhealth.com | 12 minutes ago

Some big-name celebrities are just saying no to
homophobia. "The Daily Show" star Jon Stewart took time from a
fund-raiser for the American Museum of Natural History in New York City
to challenge far-right ...

The digital age
Telegraph.co.uk | 61 minutes ago

Ivan Hewett reviews the Philharmonia and I Am The
Mighty Jungulator at Colston Hall in Bristol In a small space off the
main Colston Hall in Bristol on Sunday, we saw an astonishing
metamorphosis: ...2.9
Topics: Symphony, Arts, Iam

Singing their way back to the holy land
Jerusalem Post | 5 hours ago

One's having a tough year and the others are
enjoying a major comeback, but both Eminem and the members of Depeche
Mode are headed to Israel.2.9

50'S Sex Appeal
Mirror.co.uk | 7 hours ago

A SPECIAL note for the ladies... You'll soon all be able to take 50 cent home with you.3.4

12 Tribe Sound strives to create music with Jewish content, as an alternative musical language.

Haaretz.com | 7 hours ago

Twelve years have passed since Alon Cohen,
formerly of the group Nosei Hamigbaat , left Israel for New York, but
his faith has not tired.3

Citizens Financial to cut jobs
Boston Globe | 7 hours ago

Citizens Financial Group is cutting ''a few
hundred" jobs throughout its national operations, executives said, but
they declined to say where the cuts would take place or the exact

Nigerian group brings reality back to rap
Daily Nebraskan | 10 hours ago

Musically, hip-hop is no longer a revolution. It's a string of bling-bling with no real bang.1.3

Too little, too late?
Star-Ledger, The/New Jersey Online (Registration Required) | 10 hours ago

It's catch-up time for the Rock and Roll Hall of
Fame. Artists eligible for many years -- including pioneering
heavy-metal group Black Sabbath and Southern-rock kings Lynyrd Skynyrd
-- dominate the list of '06 ...2.9